Meet Keyaira D. Saunders

Keyaira Saunders was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. She is the proud mother of three children that she is raising in the heart of District 4.

Keyaira has beaten unspeakable odds battling the hardships that came from being a teenage mom. Upon moving to Texas at the age of 18 to pursue a better life Keyaira found roots in district 4. It is from her experiences here that she discovered one of life's most valuable lessons, life is not determined by where you have been, what truly matters is where you are going.

Throughout her life Keyaira has never stopped moving and growing. She operates her photography business, Kaydeis photography, within the district where she is renowned for her masterful imagery.

Keyaira is a firm believer that character is built within our life's journeys. In 2014 she and Minister Dominique Alexander co-founded the Next Generation Action Network. It was her grooming in Flint, Michigan, Columbus, Ohio, and Dallas, Texas as a teen mentor and motivational speaker that has fueled her dedication to serve the community today.

Driven by a strong desire towards the liberation of the people and her passion for the arts and it’s ability to bring people together, Keyaira is a community activist, a motivational speaker and an amazing singer! Her upbringing taught her to put God first in all things. This and more is why Keyaira is qualified and dedicated to making the entire community better for generations to come.    

Community Involvement

- South Oak Cliff HS $54 million bond project
- David W Carter HS $59 million bond project
- Sandra Bland Act
- Dallas Community Police Oversight Coalition
- Kelley Alert proposed bill
- Removal of Confederate Monuments & School Names

Civic Involvement

- Member: Friendship-West Baptist Church
- Member: TLMBC Community Development Corporation
- Member: Kelly Alert Foundation
- Member: I Stop the Violence INC.
- Member: Next Generation Action Network (NGAN)- Member: NAACP- Member: ACLU- Member: Heritage Oak Cliff  

Proven Leadership

- Founder of Y.I.G
- Board member of the Next Generation Action Network
- Board Member of the Kelley Alert Foundation
- Former Managing Member of Unlimited Payment Solutions


- Barack Obama 2008 & 2012 Presidential campaign
- John Creuzot For Dallas County DA- Beto O’Rourke For U.S. Senate
- Member: NGAN Political Action Committee
- Member: Brand New Congress
- Member: Justice Democrats  

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