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“We need more young people who won’t simply settle for sitting on the sidelines complaining about how others are running things.”

My name is Keyaira D. Saunders and I am a proud citizen of Dallas, Texas District 4. For the last several years, I have remained active in my community as a Community leader, a mentor, volunteer, and small business owner. In 2019 I am hoping to my take energy, passion, and creative ideas to the next level and I need your help! I love my city and I believe we need new personalities, new ideas, and a new voice to lead the way. That’s why this year I decided that I won’t simply settle for sitting on the sidelines complaining about how others are running things and to step up and be the change I wish to see.

I hope to hear your ideas and your concerns because it will take a team effort to bring about real change to our community.  

I want to run for City Council because I know District 4 best days lie ahead. By working together, we can improve our quality of life for all residents. Attract new business, creating jobs and bringing families back to our District. I pledge to work with people at all levels of government. To make sure district four is a place where we all can be proud of and happy to call home, remaining accessible and accountable is my highest priority. Please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope to hear from you soon and I hope to gain your support between now and election day.

Don’t forget early voting on April 22, 2019- April 30, 2019, and election day is May 4, 2019. Get your family, get your friends, get your neighbors and take them to the polls because if we don’t vote, we don’t count.

Early Vote April 22, 2019- April 30, 2019
Election Day  May 4, 2019

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